My name is Beverly Hills – I am a globetrotter and a real estate enthusiast. I love to drink coffee, and have an assortment of coffee machines, devices and paraphernalia at home.  Due to the nature of my job and my passions, I have been posted to work in various countries, experiencing different cultural and social landscapes.

Whether it’s from a homeowner’s perspective or from a sales point of view, or even a regulatory authority’s point of view, I am able to offer a keen insight and expert opinion on what’s going on in the industry.  Living as a citizen in multiple countries, including the United Kingdom, Thailand and Australia, not to mention a few others, I have seen first hand how the real estate industry operates in different countries under a multitude of different regulations governed by the respective regulatory bodies and political environments.

In my website, I do my best to uncover and reveal every little bit of knowledge I have that will prove useful to my readers. Sometimes I will write articles talking about specific regulations that will impact renters, investors and property owners, whereas other times I will write articles that go into the nitty gritty of investing in real estate property as a safe and secure investment.

Whatever my content, I hope it will always be enjoyable to read, and easy to understand.