Things to look out for when choosing a loan broker 


Whatever you may need finance for, whether it’s an essential home item that needs replacing such as a boiler or structural repairs that are absolutely essential to the proper functioning and security of your home, to more trivial and pleasurable investments like installing a pool in your back yard or getting a new car that […]

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Why Natural Turf is the better option 


Your garden should be a valued private space that you use to get away from hustle and bustle of the modern world and relax. However if your garden looks messy or unkempt then you’re more likely to avoid it like the plague, there are so many things that can make your garden look like complete garbage but one […]

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What Does Your Office Desk Tell Clients About You? 

office interior

Whilst a lot of work within the world of real estate occurs outside of the office there are obviously frequent occasions when you will be meeting clients within the office premises. Different companies will have different standards and requirements which their employees have to adhere to. Some may dictate the need for a clear work environment which […]

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Easy Ways to Add Value to Your Property 


If you are looking to sell on a property you will obviously want to be maximising your returns. There are a whole host of things you could choose to do and sometimes deciding between them can be difficult. You clearly will have to pick what to do and not do so that you do not […]

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Concrete Driveway Ideas

block concrete

When people use the words concrete driveway often the first thing that comes to mind is a dull-grey, uniform space that hardly conjures up visions of exciting design elements and style. However this is miles away from all of the possibilities available nowadays. There are so many things which can be done with concrete that it is actually […]

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What is Airbnb?  


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, then the highly popular bed and breakfast brand, Airbnb, should not be new to you. The concept is simple: third party, private property owners (and even sub-letters) list their accommodations on Airbnb, or affiliate websites, where users from all over the world […]

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Protect Your Home From Unwanted Pests 

get rid the pest

Keeping a pristine living space is a must for any self-respecting human being, however, for those in charge of a commercial or rental property pest infestations can quickly become a much bigger problem than a simple annoyance people have to live with. Since rentals theoretically fall into the commercial category, those responsible for such properties must now consider the rights and well being of others using the space; which […]

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External Awnings and Canopies  

office blinds

Homeowners are always looking for ways to improve their property and what better way to do so than by building a conservatory and/or awning extension? Adding an external awning or conservatory doesn’t just give you more living space, it will also increase the value of your property, which makes it a highly enjoyable and profitable project to undertake.

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