Concrete Driveway Ideas

block concrete

When people use the words concrete driveway often the first thing that comes to mind is a dull-grey, uniform space that hardly conjures up visions of exciting design elements and style. However this is miles away from all of the possibilities available nowadays. There are so many things which can be done with concrete that it is actually a very versatile material that can be mixed with other materials or done in such a way that it can create very decorative and stylish finishes. Here is a selection of a few of the options available and it is certainly not a comprehensive list.


The dull-grey that concrete is regularly associated with is just one possible colour and it can come in a multitude of different hues. By adding colour the driveway can look completely different and generate interest and life into the space. This can then be combined with other patterns and effects to make the driveway look even more individual and exciting. Using more than one colour will heighten this yet further.


block concrete Stained

Another method of introducing colour to the concrete is through staining it with chemicals. This method of colouration will produce an entirely different finish as the reaction between the concrete and the chemicals used will create an uneven effect making it appear almost marble-like. Combine this with the previous methods of colouring concrete and you can design some really eye-catching and impressive looking driveway designs.



Grooves and patterns can be cut into concrete to create extra decoration. This can either be done with a saw or just done by hand. When doing this the possibilities are endless. This can then be combined with the above colouration techniques and the sheer amount of variety which can be achieved is endless. By cutting the surface of the concrete you can have a driveway which looks like it is made of stone or other types of materials.



This technique is very decorative and will completely transform the look of the driveway. It is often done to give a finish which makes the concrete look more like brickwork. This work is often done afterwards to change the appearance of a pre-existing concrete driveway so if you already have a one and want to improve it without having to completely re-lay a new one then this is a great option to explore. The effect is more permanent than other techniques such as overlaying because it is carved out of the surface itself.

concrete drivewayStamped

One of the most interesting concrete driveway ideas is to have it stamped. What this does is give the surface an effect so that it resembles a completely different material. Examples of this include patterns making the concrete look like flagstones, bricks and cobblestones. Whatever design you go with the basic principle of how it is done remains consistent. It is a very cost effective way of having a stonework driveway but at the more economical prices which concrete provides.