Creative ways to remember a loved one

We have all seen them, whether in a cemetery, walking through a public park or even when sitting on a bench by the seaside putting an item of reverence to those who are no longer  with us has been a staple of human social behavior since before recorded history. In this article we hope to highlight the different ways in which you too can immortalize you loved ones memory and show how much they meant to you in life. So it’s important that the memorial you choose has some care and attention onto into it, whilst also incorporating something about who they were into it.

Luckily, over the thousands of years mankind has been around, we have developed our own unique and interesting ways that we can help ourselves and others to remember those who meant the most to us even after they are gone. From the mourning epics of the ancient Greeks and the chanting ceremonies of Tibetan Buddhists every culture across the world has their own spin on what is a very relatable and common feeling regardless of how or where you grew up. But let’s take a look at some things that have come about in recent years in western culture.



If you have been to your local park, beach or other public place and studied the benches, you will notice that many of them have a plaque of memorial on them. This is dedicated to somebodies family member or friend who has passed on, and these touching memorials give a sense of worth due to the fact that it is an item not only for remembrance but also for rest and relaxation, providing some amount of use to other people. In some way, an individual who never even knew the person the bench is dedicated to could come to rest on their bench and see that it is dedicated to a strangers lost loved one, may perhaps ponder on their life to some extent.

This can be a comforting thought in times of grief. They can generally be procured as a generally cheaper option as many public spaces will just require a fee and a plaque to be crafted to place on to the benches they already have set up. However, it can give grieving family members a place to sit and remember in the future.

Online Memorials


A really inventive, versatile and, rather uniquely, always different and updateable memorial has come out over the past few years and that is online memorials that are editable and ever changing and available for the family and friends of the deceased to add their own condolences, share special moments or just to comfort each other through the difficult period of grief. These kinds of memorials are relatively cost effective and can be updated on significant occasions, like birthdays, dates of death and anniversary’s. Depending on what route you choose to go down can determine the price, you can either arrange setting up a website with a web design agency.

These companies naturally have to charge for their service and web design work can become slightly expensive. The other option open is creating a Facebook group, and adding meaningful photographs, a biography of their life, locations of their memorials or grave and a section for visitors to leave their respects. They are particularly popular with the younger generation or when the departed is a young person themselves as it gives their friends an easily accessible and user friendly way of saying goodbye that is just as permanent fixture as an engraving in stone, except the words that you say to this kind of memorial are inscribed along with their memory.



Tree memorials are a particularly special memorial to give to somebody important to you who was maybe a nature lover or perhaps keen on their gardening. Regardless the addition of a smart and respectful plaque dedicated to the person who was so important to the tree can provide solace by ensuring that in some small way their memorial plaques is actually providing space for a living, breathing entity to flourish, grow and live in their place. These can be arranged at a varying cost, some venues that display such memorials may have tree’s already planted and just require simple lawn monument and some places will require you to source both the memorial and the tree on your own.