Easy Ways to Add Value to Your Property 


If you are looking to sell on a property you will obviously want to be maximising your returns. There are a whole host of things you could choose to do and sometimes deciding between them can be difficult. You clearly will have to pick what to do and not do so that you do not have to incur large costs. If you spend too much on your property the chances are that you won’t actually make any extra profit but rather you will spend more than you get back. So what are some of the smart things you could be doing to help you to sell the property on without breaking the bank?


bedroom Add a Bedroom

This point is one of the most over stated claims when it comes to increasing the value of a building but that’s because it’s true. You should look at converting a pre-existing room into a new bedroom if this is at all possible. Forget the study or storage room and simply buy a bed and a few items of furniture and then you can go from advertising, for example, a 2 bedroom house to a 3 bedroom house. Through very little work you have justified pushing up your expected sale price. If there is not a spare room available with which to do this then you could do a loft conversion or you should maybe consider building an extension to the house. However you must obviously be careful if you are doing this so you don’t end up spending more than the sale price hike which is generated by it.

Create Open Plan Living

Another quick trick you can do to add value to your home is opening up the space. By removing internal walls you can make a property appear much larger than it did before. Rather than two rooms being turned into one doubling the space it will seem to increase it by much more. Rather than having a separate kitchen you should consider combining it with living room. Many buyers find this attractive and it will encourage more people to want to buy the building.

front houseSpruce Up the House Front

Any potential buyer is going to have a big impression made on them by their first sight of the house when they arrive. Therefore it stands to reason that even if you are not going to do work on the entire exterior of the house then you should at least do the front facing part. Included in this should be the driveway, front door, and anything else initially visible. This needn’t set you back a small fortune if you do this wisely but it can make a big difference to your house value.

Replace Furniture

Whilst the old sofa in the living room might be your favourite and you believe it to be the most comfortable thing ever it might not put across the right impression to a buyer. You should replace any shoddy items and you should also try to have a consistent look across the house. What can look very effective in the right property is to use reproduction furniture which will look like antiques but will still have modern day build quality. This style can really add a touch of sophistication to a property and thus warrant a slight increase in value.