How to push up the asking price of your investment property

Realistically speaking, nobody wants to actively go through the various hassles and headaches that come with selling your home. However when it comes to selling a property that you procured either through sound investment or in an inheritance of some kind, then it can quickly turn from a slight annoyance and a headache into a full blown crisis. Obviously when it comes to this kind of sale your main focus should be centered on attaining the highest possible asking price with the smoothest transaction.

So when you think about it for long enough,  the main motivation for cashing in on an investment is, well to get your money back from it, and usually they are only sold at a time where the value of the property will be far greater than that was paid for it in the first place. However before you can get the merry task of enjoying the years of patience finally paying off in a lump sum of cash for you to do whatever you want with you may want to look at how you can improve your odds of getting the best price. So let’s take a look at a few of these things that you can try in order to bump up that offer amount.

Home staging


Okay so you there comes a point where you will need to all out prepare for the guests that you will be inviting over to evaluate the property for themselves and how much they like it and if it suits their tastes. You will also need a series of elegant and well thought out photographs to accompany different pieces of promotional materials at both your viewings and for the estate agents window. Well whether you want to believe it or not your home actually needs a great amount of setup and preparation before you take the pictures that you will rely on to sell your property. Luckily for you there is an entire industry of professionals looking to help you, known as “home stagers”.

Home stagers are a canny bled of professional photographer, home stylists and all round miracle workers who will come to your home and prepare every shot that that you could require and for whatever purpose, making sure that they not only look clean, elegant and that the lighting is favourable to each room, also capturing some of the selling points, key features, and some may say even the soul of the house in the most interesting and enticing way possible.  They are also responsible for making sure the route that your visitors will travel through the house is one that will sell it the best. Why not take a look at the work of this home staging expert in Auckland for a better idea.

Redecorating tips


Dependent on if you are keeping your property unoccupied or whether you let the property out to make money for yourself in the interim during the process of letting the property appreciate in value, becoming something that is worth a hugely substantial amount more than you invested into the property, will decide on whether you need to redecorate and freshen up both the interior and exterior of the property before letting people see it in this way. A good piece of advice to remember is to not decorate for your own tastes but rather to fit what the markets and subsequent buyers would be interested in.  You will ideally want to aim for a neutral and crisp look and that doesn’t make the room smaller and oppressed but rather opens it up and helps to make it bright and airy.

It may sound like all you are doing is either putting up some wall paper or giving the walls a lick of paint but really what you are buying is the customers reassurance that rather than dealing in and having to get straight to work getting the nice and presentable, that you have already dealt with, to the best of your ability the signs of the previous life that once inhabited the house. The most important thing about the work itself is to find a decent contractor who charges fairly for a decent job. Take a look at some reviews online of the local contractors in your area. Experience and review are good things to put stock in when it comes to tradies.