Increase Property Value With These Home Improvement Projects


No matter what property you buy, new or old, you’ll no doubt be looking to add your own touch of sophistication by renovating and redecorating certain parts of the home.


Build an extension – Constructing another room such as a conservatory, second living room or additional bedroom will not only afford you more space, the project will also increase the value of your property.


swimming poolBuild a swimming pool – This is really a no-brainer. Everyone loves a swimming pool and if you go to the lengths of building your own stunning private pool your property will be more desirable, and thus more valuable.

Landscape the garden – Sprucing up the garden can give your property a whole new look.  Try to make the most of the space by constructing a patio, building a rockery garden, or installing a water feature and pond. If you’re able to cover your patio and install outdoor heaters so you can use the area year-round, you’ll effectively be adding another room to your property. And whether you go all out with furniture or not, a nicely kept garden isn’t just attractive; it’s also one less job for any potential buyer.


Install double-glazing windows – All modern houses and apartments are fitted with double-glazing windows, however, there are still many properties on the market that haven’t yet received the upgrade. Double glazed windows are made from 2 layers of glass which are separated by a vacuum or gas filled space to reduce heat; they are also stronger, safer and last longer than traditional windows.  If you buying a property that doesn’t have double glazed windows then the asking price will most likely reflect that. So do your best to haggle for the cheapest price and then make sure that installing double-glazing is top on your list of renovation tasks.


Install a central air and/or heating system – No matter where you reside you’ll most likely need to regulate the temperature in your home. If you don’t already have a heating or air conditioning system in place, then getting one should be top of the list.


Add a bathroom – Installing a guest bathroom isn’t just convenient; it can actually increase the value of the property by up to $5,000. If you don’t have room to build a comfortable guest bathroom, then perhaps you can add a small ensuite bathroom to your master bedroom?



Increase the size of the bathroom – Adding an extra bathroom is a luxury that may not be suitable for some properties, but increasing the size of the bathroom by knocking through some walls might be another option. Modern luxury bathrooms typically feature large ‘his and her’ vanity units, as well as large showers with twin shower heads and lavish bathtubs made for more than one person.

If you’re looking to renovate your property then it’s always a good idea to choose a project that increases the value of your home as well as offering more convenience. And if you’re going to this much effort, then you’ll be wanting to employ the most professional team you can find.