Protect Your Home From Unwanted Pests 

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pest control serviceKeeping a pristine living space is a must for any self-respecting human being, however, for those in charge of a commercial or rental property pest infestations can quickly become a much bigger problem than a simple annoyance people have to live with.

Since rentals theoretically fall into the commercial category, those responsible for such properties must now consider the rights and well being of others using the space; which means any hazardous problems must be immediately addressed and fixed.  

In worst-case scenarios, rental properties with pest infestations that have been left to manifest can result in legal action being brought against the owner, or at best, the owner may be obliged to compensate employees, clients and/or customers in some monetary form.

Either way, if you’re a property owner, keeping unwanted insects and rodents from nesting in and around your home, should be a top priority and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.


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Rental Property Pest Control

Pests can be a major problem for property owners that rent out their spaces on short-term leases like those offered by Airbnb.  

The high volume of different guests, together with the fact that you don’t usually get to vet the cleanliness of the customers, means that you never really know how your property will be treated. Even with strict sanitizing procedures in place, mice, roaches, and mites can find their way into any small nook and cranny and start to make themselves at home.

Pest problems in rental premises will drastically affect the desirability of the rental and thus, drive down the cost and demand. For this reason it’s important to carryout regular inspections, as well as thorough cleaning, to keep your property in tip-top condition and free from any potential pest infestations.



Commercial Pest Control Melbourne 

Pest infestations can result in unsanitary conditions and cause a slew of serious customer complaints, especially when your property is rented mainly based on its living conditions, location and price.

In order to rid your property of these pesky intruders, you’ll need to identify the source of the problem to ensure they don’t simply return a few days later. If your property is prone to attracting pests, then you can make sure the problem is swiftly dealt with by using professional commercial pest control services in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs.

Commercial pest control can provide services including mice and rat control, cockroach extermination, as well as bee and wasp hive removal.

Although many homeowners choose to tackle pests using their own DIY methods, it’s highly advisable to call in the professionals to deal with the job effectively. And for those who own a property that’s available for rent, employing the best in the business to rid the property of pests is the only fail-safe way of ensuring they’re gone for good.