Things to look out for when choosing a loan broker 


contractWhatever you may need finance for, whether it’s an essential home item that needs replacing such as a boiler or structural repairs that are absolutely essential to the proper functioning and security of your home, to more trivial and pleasurable investments like installing a pool in your back yard or getting a new car that is a little bit more suitable or desirable for you and your family, its important that you remember to explore every possible option of sourcing that finance to be able to form the most informed opinion with all of the information available to make the right decision. One of the options you should explore is using the services of a reputable loan broker in your area.

A loan broker is an agent or company that acts as a middleman between parties who are looking to supply credit to those looking to secure finance for whatever reason with people who are, well, looking for finance, and their services can indeed save you money in certain circumstances. However it’s an important task to entrust to an outside party and you have to make the right choice when it comes to the particular agents you choose. So here are a few pointers to help you along the way.


Past work

As with any other service you plan on using in this day and age you need to verify that they have the past record of their ability to secure the kind of finance you are looking for and conduct their business in an orderly, clear and professional manner. After all, it only takes a quick Google search to verify whether what they are saying about their  services matches their previous clients experience and whether or not the rates they are claiming to have secured in the past are actually accurate or not, or just an attractive advertisement to entice in new clients.

All of the information that you get will help you form an opinion of the broker as a whole. Obviously you can’t please all of the people who use your business to 100% satisfaction all of the time so expect one or two negative sounding reviews, above all else you must trust that the credit, loans and terms are all legal and above board.


They should be asking questions

While not everybody will appreciate a grilling about their personal financial; situation by somebody that they hardly know, however if your broker appears to be uncovering every stone and asking you about all of the little details, the chances are that they are doing their job properly. By gathering as much information as possible, it give them then clearest possible picture of your current financial state and this will give them as much ammunition as possible to be able to source the most appropriate kind of loan with the best possible rate and terms they can negotiate.

So consul yourself with this when it feels like they are giving you the full Spanish inquisition treatment and sitting through the tediously boring fine details, knowing that your cooperation with this part of the process means that you will in most circumstances be getting a significantly better deal.


get loanAlways interview

While this may seem slightly long winded in terms of turnaround times, it’s important that you sit down with more than one potential broker as you may be surprised by what is available. Most people’s knowledge of acquiring credit comes mostly from what is on offer from the big banks and financial institutions, however smaller, third party lenders can actually offer quite competitive rates if you take the time to explore them properly. And to do this you need to explore different brokers as not all lenders will work with all brokers universally and an individual broker probably has their own personal contacts and arrangements with these companies over their years of working together.

You will always, in each interview, want to not only find out about the loans that they can source but also the terms of their fees and whether or not it is performance based, meaning that the better deal they get for you in terms of percentage points, the more of a commission that they earn.

Thanks for looking over the pointers we have given you here, on how to find out how to find the best home loan broker.