What Does Your Office Desk Tell Clients About You? 

office interior

Whilst a lot of work within the world of real estate occurs outside of the office there are obviously frequent occasions when you will be meeting clients within the office premises. Different companies will have different standards and requirements which their employees have to adhere to. Some may dictate the need for a clear work environment which will ensure that working environments remain uncluttered and highly organised. Others may be very laid-back and will allow colleagues to keep their personal office space exactly as they choose. However, in any job which involves meeting with the public or clients you should be very mindful of what your office desk area says about you and consequently your company brand. Make sure that you are sending out the right signs to your clients in everything that you do. Your workspace is just as important as your dress code so do yourself a favour and portray an image to your clients which will help everyone involved.


officeKeep Clutter to a Minimum

A highly cluttered workspace sends out a message of disorganisation to clients. Whether this is accurate or not perceptions are very important so you should try to minimise your clutter as much as possible. If I walk into a real estate agents and they have paper stacked up all over the place and what looks like the remnants of various jobs I would assume, as a client, that they are not working efficiently and that I am likely to become lost within a mess of other clients. Utilise your storage options properly and file any completed work there and then to ensure it doesn’t build up over time.

Keep It Personal

I feel it is very important to balance the above point with an element of personal touches. After all we all prefer to deal with human beings rather than robotic business types. Having a couple of personal items around your desk space will show an element of your personality to a client as well as keeping your own motivation higher. A couple of family photos or desk toys can go a long way to building bridges within client relationships.

But Don’t Go Overboard

Given the above it is highly important to not take this too far. If you have too many things around or are giving off signs that you wish you were elsewhere you are basically telling your clients just this – that you wish you were elsewhere! Your professional image will be at stake and clients will think that you will not be as committed to your work as they would hope.

Office Interior DesignQuality Office Furniture

Now this will rely more on the employer than yourself but you need to have high quality furniture and office workstations. A stylish workspace shows a level of professionalism to clients. If this is not the case you could suggest to your boss that they can be purchased readily online from suppliers. Not only will the image of your brand be increased but the efficiency and productivity of all the employees will no doubt be better for it.