What is Airbnb?  


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, then the highly popular bed and breakfast brand, Airbnb, should not be new to you. The concept is simple: third party, private property owners (and even sub-letters) list their accommodations on Airbnb, or affiliate websites, where users from all over the world can book a wide variety of different accommodations, many of which differ greatly from your average hotel.

Nowadays there’s a whole host of competing companies offering a similar service to Airbnb and as a result, there’s a new wave of websites that can compare prices from a collection of other sites in order to find you the very best deals around.

Through these online portals, you’ll be able to filter accommodation searches by location, star ratings, and price, as well as the most popular current listings.  

So whether you’re a property owner looking for a more profitable way to rent out your space, or you’re looking for unique villa and apartment rentals then checking out who is the area’s most reputable Airbnb property management company is a great place to start.


Benefits of Airbnb and Short Term Rentals

The flexibility of Airbnb rentals offers a wide variety of benefits for both property owners and holidaymakers.


Property Owners

Many landlords are now employing short-term rental strategies since rates can be anywhere from 50-90% higher than long-term rentals. In addition, guests typically use the property for a much shorter period of time so your residence, furniture and belongings undergo much less wear and tear. Furthermore, because your property will be rented out on more occasions, but for a shorter amount of time, you’ll be able to free up your property throughout the year for your own use, whether it be for your own relaxing getaways or much needed renovations.



Save up to 90% on room rates when compared with hotels that have an equivalent star rating. Enjoy unique accommodations that provide the amenities to make your rental a real home-away-from-home. Choose from a wider selection of locations in the CBD, suburbs, countryside or along the coast.


bedroomChoosing the Best Airbnb Residences Perth

If you’re looking for the most trustworthy list of Airbnb rooms, then you’ll need to look up companies that have a great reputation for holiday rental property management.

Airbnb accommodation can be the perfect solution for those who want all the convenience of hotel amenities, but prefer a slightly more secluded residence. So if you’re looking for a private apartment, villa, or holiday home anywhere in Perth, then a reputable Airbnb management company should be the first place you check out.

Use a company that is licensed and insured to cover any mishaps that might be out of your control, which in almost all cases is where ‘private’ rental transactions tend to go wrong. By using a trusted company with a reputation for keeping their customers happy, you can be sure that your holiday rental property is everything it promised to be, if not more.