Why Natural Turf is the better option 


Your garden should be a valued private space that you use to get away from hustle and bustle of the modern world and relax. However if your garden looks messy or unkempt then you’re more likely to avoid it like the plague, there are so many things that can make your garden look like complete garbage but one of them most easily visible is your lawn. Your lawn is most likely one of the biggest features in your garden and should be looking great at all times. This can be difficult to achieve with seeded lawns and more and more people turn to turf solutions to keep their lawn looking fantastic. So let s look at some of the reasons people choose natural turf over other kinds.

 fresh airA breath of fresh air

If you remember your high school science lessons you will remember that grass (like all other plants) is a living, breathing entity that inhales carbon dioxide and exhales fresh oxygen. In fact a stretch of lawn can remove up to 300 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air you breathe,  not only improving the air quality for the people who breathe it, but it also helps in a small way helps the environment, meaning healthier lungs for you and a better environment for future generations.

Texture and feel

Nothing can trump the feeling of real grass on your feet and most people cite this as one of the reasons that they choose real grass turf over synthetic. That’s not to say there’s anything inherently wrong or uncomfortable about walking on synthetic grass, it’s just not the same however. Synthetic grass also has a slight habit of becoming extremely hot in prolonged exposure to the sun; this is due to the inorganic materials found in them like polymer. However natural grass diverts heat into the earth to prevent it from drying out and dying, meaning that your grass remains comfortable to walk on.

turfAppearance and Aesthetics

Obviously anything involving how something looks is completely different between different people and some people will prefer the looks of different turfs and lawns than other people. However it has to be stated that nothing will look as much like grass, as grass. Seeded lawns can be extremely difficult to not only maintain but to initially grow; it involves massive preparations to the soil before you can sow the seeds as well as ideal weather conditions. You then also have to water your lawn frequently, especially in a climate like Australia, natural turf doesn’t require nearly as much water and if you want to eliminate this problem then water management systems are a breeze to install compared with the weekly watering of seeded lawns.