My name is Beverly Hills – I am a globetrotter and a real estate enthusiast. I love to drink coffee, and have an assortment of coffee machines, devices and paraphernalia at home.  Due to the nature of my job and my passions, I have been posted to work in various countries, experiencing different cultural and social landscapes.

Whether it’s from a homeowner’s perspective or from a sales point of view, or even a regulatory authority’s point of view, I am able to offer a keen insight and expert opinion on what’s going on in the industry.  Living as a citizen in multiple countries, including the United Kingdom, Thailand and Australia, not to mention a few others, I have seen first hand how the real estate industry operates in different countries under a multitude of different regulations governed by the respective regulatory bodies and political environments.

In my website, I do my best to uncover and reveal every little bit of knowledge I have that will prove useful to my readers. Sometimes I will write articles talking about specific regulations that will impact renters, investors and property owners, whereas other times I will write articles that go into the nitty gritty of investing in real estate property as a safe and secure investment.

Whatever my content, I hope it will always be enjoyable to read, and easy to understand.

Real Estate

file00019473300Hi, my name is Beverly Hills and this is my real estate site. Born and bred in Australia, I believe my zest for life and enthusiasm for people stem from my Aussie roots. I have been very fortunate to have my job take me across the world.

Working in various countries like the United Kingdom and Thailand has allowed me to experience the real estate industry as a resident of a country, as well as a global citizen. Globetrotting has opened up many new opportunities for me as a practitioner and I hope that by penning down what I have learnt and gained over the years, this blog will be a great source of information for you.

Real Estate in the Wider Context

Through this real estate site, I will bring you vital information on anything from finding the right mortgage broker to hire or the most suitable home loan. My travels around the world have granted me a wealth of experience in these personal areas, which I can impart to you.

I have seen the various trends of real estate in multiple countries during my stint overseas and can confidently conclude that while the nations change, the factors affecting this industry remain the same across the globe. With this, I would like to offer you my two cents’ worth when it comes to anything related to this sector – whether you are a first time home-buyer, or an aspiring individual who is carving a career in this field.

Environment and aging population are some factors less known to consumers, which affect the real estate industry. Even if you are looking at purchasing a property abroad, you can be sure to find content that will offer you fresh insights that are often overlooked or even, not considered.

On Home Front

file0002014088362The changing landscape in this industry sees many fumble when it comes to real estate. Be it advice on tree removal in Perth that residents can trust or adding a pool into your Sydney property. Regulations are often subjected to review and requirements and are getting tighter. Therefore, it is my desire to help to educate individuals residing in my community and further on these matters. This real estate site will be your one stop channel to learning more about the current happenings in this sector.

As consumers, you may not be fully aware of the latest on-goings and perhaps you are looking to buy a new place or take out a loan. With tons of procedures involved in these processes, I can offer valuable insights and advice as you make your preparations.

Recognising the tedious demands of having to sieve through a plethora of service providers and loans available, this blog will come in handy in helping you make that crucial decision. What you find here will offer you perspectives from an industry expert, promising to inform and educate.

Your Personal Real Estate Guide

This blog was created to disseminate information on real estate, making it palatable and relatable to the common person. Understanding that it is not every day that you will find yourself dabbling in properties, I hope that when situation calls for it, this blog will be your guide to navigating the complex system of real estate.

It could be disclosing industry secrets or providing tips and advice on purchasing a property or commercial property management, Beverly Hills Real Estate seeks to answer your questions on anything real estate. On top of that, you can be sure to expect many opinion pieces on this topic, all inspired by my years of experience. Hence, stay around and check in regularly for updates. You never know what useful tip you might walk away with by the end of an article on our blog.